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 Got some 4 low time in today..

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PostSubject: Got some 4 low time in today..   Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:37 pm

Well with just a couple weeks until I will actually be a dad, I have been trying to go off and just relax when the wife doesn't need me. So today I went out to a local spot and got some dirt on the tires..
Just rolling up after the small hill climb wondering where I should go..

Ahhh love seeing that 4x4 light on..

Oh crap focus on the trail man..

There really wasn't much I could do out there being alone :td:

Only being on 30 inch tires I had to make sure I stayed out of the ruts..

Alpine you been out here dude?

Just basically got a little dirt on the tires but it was fun to check the place out. Haven't been back there in years and man has it changed..
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Got some 4 low time in today..
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