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 Did the Urban Exploring today..

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Did the Urban Exploring today.. Empty
PostSubject: Did the Urban Exploring today..   Did the Urban Exploring today.. EmptyTue Jul 09, 2013 5:35 pm

At the old Fort Wayne State school property..Man they have almost demo'ed every building out there.
The building you see behind my old XJ is gone..and now a grassy field.
Did the Urban Exploring today.. HPIM2816
Along with everything you see in the background here.
Did the Urban Exploring today.. HPIM2803

Some photo's from today..

My TJ illegally parked in a handy cap spot of a building that once stood that housed patients.
Did the Urban Exploring today.. IMG_0749_zps096782ed

Some of the old sidewalks are still there that now lead to nowhere..You can see some of the old landscape rocks are still there
Did the Urban Exploring today.. IMG_0752_zps2308ba9b

Harshman hall still stands and has been renovated to now a school for Ivy Tech, along with the old Gym and pool house building that sits next to it.
Did the Urban Exploring today.. IMG_0753_zpsbfe1c9dc

The campus of the old state school even has a grave yard, most are unmarked graves as far as I know, I tried looking for it however their was a bunch of IPFW/Ivy tech campus workers and IPFW police around so I decided to bail before I had to deal with "what are you doing here young man?" Maybe another day I'll venture back. I work with a few people that used to work there, man the stories they have. The patients there where treated awful! The indiana state board of health finally shut the place down in 2007 I believe and IPFW and ivy tech bought the property shortly after.

found this for anyone bored and wanting to read more about it..
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Did the Urban Exploring today..
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