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 Kessie Jeep Farm trail run 11/16/13

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PostSubject: Kessie Jeep Farm trail run 11/16/13   Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:05 pm

This was a private 50 Jeep invite event, I was one of the lucky few to go and run the trails! The place is located in a small town in the state of Indiana and its also where a local Jeep dealership holds their yearly "Jeep Jam" event where 300 plus Jeeps go out and have some fun. With the KJ still having some issues and due the its saggy suspension we opted to take the TJ!

Some of us met at a local place and then convoyed up!

Heres my Jeep!

with about a 30 minute drive, we made it to the small town..

Once I arrived, my wife and I parked, got all signed up, had a brief drivers meeting and we hit the trails!

it was kinda gloomy when first got started, and sprinkling, but it cleared up after while.

Welp someone got stuck already.. time to wait Rolling Eyes

got him out, and now the big red YJ is going for it..

and then another jeep gets stuck.. Yep my TJ and I are staying away from this hole..

Sparky to the rescue!

My TJ and I just watching all the fun!

Well time for a lunch break!

Then trail time again!

Then Cj moose gets stuck..

Pap's got him out though!

Now sparky wants to try it!

It was a pretty good day, it was nice to get some 4 low time in with the great friends! It was the first time in over a year that my wife has gotten to join with having our baby and what not. So it kind of reminded us of when we started dating and going out and playing on local trails. We really need to do it more often and I can't wait until my son is older so I can take him!
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Kessie Jeep Farm trail run 11/16/13
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