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 The 'Phat KJ' build

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PostSubject: The 'Phat KJ' build   Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:29 pm

Starting with a stock KJ 2004, 3.7L, auto, 231 t-case, C8.25 rear, D30 front, 3:73 gears. So far I have added a front engine skid, and mopar tow hooks up front.
the "starter pics"

first part came in, the front engine skid..

got that all mounted up

skids for the 04 and older libb's are hard to find, but this one lines up for the most part. gotta drill a hole to fix this

the difference

Then the tow hooks came in. started by taking off the liscense plate bracket

Then lined all my parts up for each side

I got one mounted up and decided to call it quiets for that night

the batterys in my camera started to die, I guess the pictures get fuzzy when that happens

Anyway they are all mounted up and I decided to check the ball joints on this mug, since it will be getting wheeled

turns out the pass side is bad, lower one, with the help of a buddy I checked to see if it has had the recall done on it and it doesn't so I will be getting that shit fixed for free yo...thats all for now, gotta order my tranny skid and get that mounted up, then make a flag mount and she will be ready to wheel for now..
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Posts : 128
Join date : 2013-05-14
Age : 30
Location : Fort Wayne, IN

PostSubject: Re: The 'Phat KJ' build   Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:39 pm

I got rear recovery point now...

anyone know if they make CB antenna mounts for these? I dont really want to drill into the body in order to mount one, and magnet ones I worry will rough up the paint up top..

just a random photo, we always have some kinda jeep at my place..buddy stopped by with his cherokee, we put a pass side flare on it tonight..

anyway last thing for tonight, I got my flag mount made, simple really just drilled a hole in the tire carrier and mounted it that way, not the best but it works for now. they look weird with no rear tire..

all mounted up

and yes I took it back off, while I have seen jeepers do it, I just can't drive around town with a flag mounted to my jeep, for wheelin use only..thats all for now.

added a tranny skid

and for reference, wheeled it

Changed the plugs on it last night, it was much needed. however after checking everything else on it, I noticed how saggy my suspension a stock YJ yo

The woman says when we get money it can get lifted and...louder. So it will be awhile which is cool, I can slowly piece togather the lift.

Rocking the midwest chapter LOST KJ stickers..

Finally got a set of BFG all terrains on..

While it was at the dealer getting an alignment, they told me the third brake light was out and the rear diff oil was nasty.. I haven't changed the rear diff oil on it in forever so I figured it was time..

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PostSubject: Re: The 'Phat KJ' build   Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:56 am

I love watching KJ's play....look like little piggies!
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PostSubject: Re: The 'Phat KJ' build   

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The 'Phat KJ' build
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