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 The 'Phat KJ' build

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The 'Phat KJ' build Empty
PostSubject: The 'Phat KJ' build   The 'Phat KJ' build EmptyTue Jul 09, 2013 9:29 pm

Starting with a stock KJ 2004, 3.7L, auto, 231 t-case, C8.25 rear, D30 front, 3:73 gears. So far I have added a front engine skid, and mopar tow hooks up front.
the "starter pics"
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0259
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0285
first part came in, the front engine skid..
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0289
got that all mounted up
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0290
skids for the 04 and older libb's are hard to find, but this one lines up for the most part. gotta drill a hole to fix this
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0293
the difference
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0294
Then the tow hooks came in. started by taking off the liscense plate bracket
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0299
Then lined all my parts up for each side
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0300
I got one mounted up and decided to call it quiets for that night
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0303
the batterys in my camera started to die, I guess the pictures get fuzzy when that happens
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0304
Anyway they are all mounted up and I decided to check the ball joints on this mug, since it will be getting wheeled
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0307
turns out the pass side is bad, lower one, with the help of a buddy I checked to see if it has had the recall done on it and it doesn't so I will be getting that shit fixed for free yo...thats all for now, gotta order my tranny skid and get that mounted up, then make a flag mount and she will be ready to wheel for now..
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0309
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Posts : 128
Join date : 2013-05-14
Age : 30
Location : Fort Wayne, IN

The 'Phat KJ' build Empty
PostSubject: Re: The 'Phat KJ' build   The 'Phat KJ' build EmptyTue Jul 09, 2013 9:39 pm

I got rear recovery point now...
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0311

anyone know if they make CB antenna mounts for these? I dont really want to drill into the body in order to mount one, and magnet ones I worry will rough up the paint up top..

just a random photo, we always have some kinda jeep at my place..buddy stopped by with his cherokee, we put a pass side flare on it tonight..
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0314
anyway last thing for tonight, I got my flag mount made, simple really just drilled a hole in the tire carrier and mounted it that way, not the best but it works for now. they look weird with no rear tire..
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0316
all mounted up
The 'Phat KJ' build Libertyflag2
The 'Phat KJ' build Libertyflag
and yes I took it back off, while I have seen jeepers do it, I just can't drive around town with a flag mounted to my jeep, for wheelin use only..thats all for now.

added a tranny skid
The 'Phat KJ' build Trannyskid
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0327-1
and for reference, wheeled it
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0350
The 'Phat KJ' build KJinwater
Changed the plugs on it last night, it was much needed. however after checking everything else on it, I noticed how saggy my suspension a stock YJ yo
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0010
The woman says when we get money it can get lifted and...louder. So it will be awhile which is cool, I can slowly piece togather the lift.
The 'Phat KJ' build Kjflex
The 'Phat KJ' build Bothkjs

Rocking the midwest chapter LOST KJ stickers..
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0299-1

Finally got a set of BFG all terrains on..
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0500_zpsa1df85e6
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0502_zps1e00efe9

While it was at the dealer getting an alignment, they told me the third brake light was out and the rear diff oil was nasty.. I haven't changed the rear diff oil on it in forever so I figured it was time..
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0503_zpsc071c02e
The 'Phat KJ' build IMG_0504_zpsadf6de37

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The 'Phat KJ' build Empty
PostSubject: Re: The 'Phat KJ' build   The 'Phat KJ' build EmptySat Sep 07, 2013 12:56 am

I love watching KJ's play....look like little piggies!
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The 'Phat KJ' build Empty
PostSubject: Re: The 'Phat KJ' build   The 'Phat KJ' build Empty

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The 'Phat KJ' build
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